Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Weight Scarves

Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks voile is sooooo soft and lovely. I knew it would be perfect for summer weight scarves. Since many in my family live in hotter climes, I thought these would make nice gifts for them. I first tried a pattern from Urban Arts and Crafts. Very boho chic.
The wrinkles look neat, but they do somewhat obscure the elegant softness that drew me to the fabric, so I next tried a pattern by twin fibers. I added a second strip of contrasting fabric at both ends, which I think adds interest but also some needed length. Super fast and easy to make, and it feels so nice the wear. I see more of these in my future!


Anonymous said...

Smart idea -- I love wearing scarfs, and these are perfect for fall/spring around here

Jennwith4 said...

Very pretty!

Twinfibers said...

cute scarves!! :)