Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flashdance 2

I can't think of a cute or clever name for this smaller version of Flashdance.  It is 26 x 31 before washing, so it's wall hanging size or big enough to be a stroller/car seat quilt or a large doll quilt.  I oriented the stripes differently and the proportions of the blocks vary from the first quilt.  I seem to have a habit now of making quilts twice.  I really enjoy seeing the difference small changes can make to the same basic design.
I decided to revisit the crosshatch quilting, but I chose a print binding and a multicolor print backing which add a playful feeling to the quilt.  I just love the raindrops dot from Summersault by Erin McMorris.  I have it in four colorways, in fact.  The large scale makes it perfect for a backing and the colors are so great for this quilt.  It looks perfect with the Washi print binding too.
This one is destined for the shop too, but I may not get either quilt listed until after the KCMQG retreat.  Now, I have lots of sewing projects to pack.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Something about the colors of this quilt and the slashed solids remind me of the 80s and headbands, hence the name of the quilt.  The quilt was actually inspired by this photo I ran across on flickr.  I loved the composition of the picture, the colors, and the improv shapes.  This quilt ended up taking me outside of my comfort zone.  It's really minimalist and modern to me.  I'm glad I tried it though and that it was done in time to photograph with my favorite spring blooming tree, which I think is a hawthorne tree.
I used kona solids and my favorite lipstick shot cotton to create this baby quilt.  It is 41 x 49 before washing.
I took my inspiration for the quilting from the backing fabric.  It is a great sketchy crosshatch flannel I found at Joanns.  It reminds me of Heath, and the aqua is so pretty.  I finished the binding by machine using this method again.  So quick.
I thought the wonky crosshatch quilting would be easy, but it was actually a little tricky to keep the random unevenness, even, if you know what I mean.  And creating the wonky grid did take a long, long time.
I'm pleasantly surprised with how soft and snuggley the quilt is, given the heavy quilting.  Maybe it's the flannel, but it has a great drape to it even with all that thread.
I'm going to wash and dry this baby quilt, and then it'll be listed in the shop.  Up next, a coordinating doll quilt I made with extra blocks.  I'm not sure if I want to quilt it the same way or try something a little more feminine.

Update: A pattern for this type of quilt can now be found in Improvising Tradition: 18 Quilted Projects Using Strips, Slices, and Strata.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


This quilt design has been on my mind for a while now.  I've used solids, improv piecing, and lots of white, negative space.   It feels really modern - even a bit of a stretch for me.  I'm just starting the binding, so I'll share the whole piece soon.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Take 2

Well I made a concerted effort to tone down my second attempt at an i pad cover to appeal to general audiences.  Thanks for all the love for version one; I'm pretty sure most of you are fabric nerds, like me!  And I'm not sure this is much "better" than the first in that regard. :)

But I gave it to my friend today, and she loved it.  Success!  I kept the adorable Ruby Star typewriter print and So Sophie dot.  I like the flap I created at the top and found yet another Hope Valley print that coordinates for the lining of the pocket and inside.  I used fusible fleece this time.  It worked really well.  Now that's done, I can get back to some quilt ideas I've had on my mind.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For Fabric Nerds Only?

I had another friend request an ipad cover.  This is just the sort of thing I get all excited to make.  It struck me as the perfect project to feature my new Ruby Star Shining typewriter print. I had a look around in my stash and kept finding great coordinates. 
There are two Hope Valley prints that have just the right pink and purple in them, and the So Sophie dot has the perfect purple and mustard.  I used Faith's tutorial this time because the zippered pocket allowed me to include more coordinating fabrics, of course.
They are so fun together, but maybe I got a little caught up in it all.  I think I may have created a cover only a fabric nerd would love.  It is a little busy. :)  Oh well, it was a rush combining all those great prints.  I may need to go back to the drawing board to create something more suitable for the general public.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Another Best Bib

I guess I could also call this post Deep Blue Baby Bib since I made the bib with the pieces I trimmed from this quilt.  This bib pattern by JCasa is perfect not only for for scraps, as I found out earlier, but also for trimmed strips and even left over quilt blocks, anything pieced to 10 x 10 inches.
I tried out another new free motion design on this.  What would you call it?  It looks like an echoed teardrop shape to me, I guess.  Very fun to do.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Black, White, and Red All Over

I'm testing a pattern for a friend.  I won't be able to show you what I'm making until May I think, but, here are the fabrics I chose.  There are a couple of Annie's Farmstand prints, a Cosmo Cricket ruler, several  from Circa 1934, the new Pezzy Prints, Heath, Ruby Sundae Stripe, Essex linen/cotton, and Je Vous En Prie by Yuwa. What a great excuse to buy some fabrics I've had my eye for a while.