Friday, May 22, 2020

Solids Chevron Quilt

The colors in this throw-sized (54 x 65) quilt make me happy, and we all need some of that feeling right now. I also love how a quilt, made entirely of solids, turns into a quilt that reads like a print. To make the chevrons I used a paper template created by Molly of applecydermill for each block. Removing the papers was a pain, but the crisp neatness of the design is worth it, I think.

The Carolyn Friedlander black and white text backing is a nice contrast to the bold, colorful top. I chose my favorite turquoise solid for the binding. It is just the best color.

I used straight-line, horizontal quilting, spaced about every 1/2" in a pale aqua  50W Aurifil thread. It was a spool I happened to have on hand, and I was surprised at how nicely the color blended with the fabrics on the top. It even harmonizes with the back. Quilting this densely makes the quilt more durable, and I think the texture it adds is a huge pay off. This bright, modern quilt is in my etsy shop. 

Amazing to think this beauty started its life as a pile of scraps I just wanted to use up!