Friday, August 10, 2018

Finishing a Comfort Quilt

In my previous post I covered the first steps to take to make a memory quilt. Once you're ready to create the quilt, keep a few things in mind. First, remember that the fabrics are what makes the quilt special, so pick a design that makes them the star. Using large blocks is a good strategy for creating both a fast finish and a design that allows the fabrics to be the main feature. The blocks I created are about 26 inches square, so just nine blocks makes a good sized throw quilt.
Two, with the purpose of the quilt in mind, add to the comfort factor with both the backing and the quilting style. Select a cozy backing fabric. I picked a soft flannel. You may want to quilt minimally to maintain a soft drape to the quilt, as I did. As a bonus, simple straight line quilting about every two inches is also quick to do.
Consider the feature fabrics as your select the finishing touch of the binding. Often the clothing scraps will not be large enough for binding strips, so choose a complimentary fabric. I think this mini check blends well with the other shirting fabrics.
I hope the quilt will bring up a lot of fond memories and offer some tangible comfort.
My quilt design was inspired by this fabulous quilt by Shea. Although I was unable to find the block name or a pattern, it only required some simple quilt math. I have saved you the trouble if you want to follow the instructions below.

For each block you will need:
(4) 8 1/2 squares fabric A
(1) 8 1/2 square fabric B
(1) 12 5/8 square fabric C cut twice diagonally into (4) triangles
(2) 6 5/8 squares fabric C cut once diagonally into (4) triangles

Cutting the triangles from the squares as directed rather than individually means there will be no bias edges on the outside edge of the block. Best!


Debbie said...

I've appreciated your joint posts about memory quilts and am going to link back in my next newsletter. I like the idea of the big blocks. Very nice quilt that I'm sure will provide much comfort.

KaHolly said...

Fantabulous post! And a beautiful quilt. Love your little photo shoot!

Shan said...

Many thanks to Debbie for linking to this. I live in a 55+ community and belong to a quilting group in the neighborhood and we are always looking for charity/goodwill projects. Plenty of our own neighbors will enjoy a comfort quilt. I look forward to getting it out there that we are doing them and then making and delivering them. Big simple design is gorgeous BTW. Well done and so thoughtful. Thank you for the post.