Saturday, December 17, 2011

New and Improved Ruffled Wristlets

I made my first ruffled wristlets and tutorial over a year ago, and they have been handy gifts for family, teachers, etc.  I made several more this Christmas, and I came up with some improvements to the pattern.  For starters, I'm hosting the new tutorial on google documents, which may be easier for some to access than scribd.  It's certainly easier for me to upload that way.  You can find it here:
New Ruffled Wristlets Tutorial
The new construction technique is what I'm most excited to share with you.  I've finished the circle of the wristlet completely, so there are no raw edges.  I've also created the ruffle from a single strip of fabric, rather than two as in the old tute. Finally, I made the loop larger.  It is easy to slide on and off, even for those with larger hands.  You can even adjust the size of the loop slightly in one of the final steps.
 I hope you like it and find it improved and easy to download.  I'd love to see any wristlets you make!


Julie said...

This tute looks great. Heading out right now for D rings to make 20 for the teachers at school. Thanks for the perfectly timed inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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