Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Fabrics

Christmas and birthday money didn't last long in my hot little hands. I found these lovelies at an online store I've mentioned before. Does anyone else have trouble envisioning scale when shopping online? Some prints turned out to be larger and some smaller than I had imagined. Other than that I'm thoroughly pleased.
Here we have Zen Garden from Sanctuary and Dreaming in French, Praline in Fruity

I'm collecting fabrics from a gray and yellow quilt. From left to right these are Wave from Impressions by Ty Pennington, Spider mum from Day and Night 3, and Zen Garden from Sanctuary.
This is another Spider mum from Day and Night 3. I can't pass up brown, blue and white.
The top two here are Glass Tiles from Sanctuary and the bottom one is from Amy Butler's new line Soul Blossoms, called Dancing Paisley.
And finally, I swapped with a very nice lady on flickr for these amazing Indian fabrics (yes, as in India, taking a month to arrive by mail). The top two are hand block printed and have a really interesting nubby texture. The bottom is like a voile. Gorgeous!


Marg said...

I love your purchases, lots of bright colours. I've been caught out with the scale of prints too, although it hasn't been too much of a problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling totally out of my comfort zone just looking at your fabrics!! They are gorgeous though! (I have a whole stash of browns/blues/greens/whites if you ever get stuck!

Anonymous said...

I've got some of those same Sanctuary fabrics in an online cart right now, waiting for me to make up my mind. And, I'm terrible at estimating scale online, too, but, generally it works out.

punkin said...

I always love the fabs you choose! I can't do the in-line thing. U need to give me some tips!