Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

Here is the obligatory mosaic of some of my best crafty bits from 2010. I'm actually very pleased I figured out how to make one of these. 1. Raw Edge Circle Quilt top, 2. Redbud Blossoms Quilt, 3. Tickertape Doll Quilt 3, 4. Camera Case Wristlet, 5. Hexagon pillow, 6. Summer Sunshine, closeup, 7. Pure Baby Boy, 8. Summer Sorbet, 9. String Pieced Pillow, 10. Voile and Linen Sewing Machine Cover, 11. Neptune Quilt, closer view, 12. Out for a Walk #2, 13. Plume Sails, 14. Quilted French Press Cozy, 15. Be Merry mug rug, 16. tickertape doll quilt, 17. My First Bee Quilt, 18. Scrappy Squares Baby Quilt, 2, 19. Coordinating Bunting, Pillow and Quilt, 20. tickertape mini quilt, 21. Around Town, 22. Busytown Quilt, 23. Ruffled Wristlet Keychains, 24. whirligig doll quilt - close up, 25. Monogram Pillow

Thanks to each of you for visiting my little blog over the past year and for all your kind comments both online and off.


~Niki~ said...

i know how to make the mosaic, i just don't know how to put the #'s below with links. help!

jeri said...

I wish I knew how to make the mosaic.....Is there a how to somewhere?

teaginny said...

Here's the site I used to make
Hope that helps!

Marg said...

I finally worked out how to make a mosaic too, last week.
Looking at all your beautiful work together, reminds me of why I really enjoy reading your blog. You really have made lots of gorgeous quilts this year. The French Press cozy is simple but absolutely superb.
I just love your choices of fabric and designs in everything you make.
Thank you for giving me lots of inspiration for my quilting.

Katie B said...

Happy New Year! gorgeous collection.