Thursday, December 2, 2010

Handmade Christmas Continues

23 days until Christmas, and I've marked a couple more handmade gifts off my list. The first is a request from my grandmother who loves her tea, like me. I made her a quilted tea cozy.
This is my own design, and it allows the cozy to stay on while you pour. I think a redesign may be in order when I have time. I originally made it to be reversible, and while I like that there are no exposed seams, it was a real pain to put together! This is first time I quilted a tea cozy and used Insul-brite. Both give it a nice body. The outer fabric is Love by Amy Butler.

The next gift is a laundry bag. Many of my family members travel frequently, and I thought laundry bags would be useful to keep clean and dirty clothes separate in their suitcases. I used a new to me fabric - osnaberg. It is a utility fabric that is loosely woven and breathable, perfect for this application. I learned about this fabric when Jacquie did a presentation on solids for the KCMQG. They are simple drawstring bags with french seams. Just throw them in the wash along with the clothes, when you get home from your trip.
I used a new embellishment technique (ala Comfort Stitching and Rosaechocolat). Basically, it is fusible applique, but instead of stitching around the edges with a zigzag or blanket stitch, you "sketch" with black thread. It is a fun effect. I'll definitely be using it again. As you can see I've got a few more - for the whole family - to finish up.


Vicki said...

That's a great idea for the laundry bags. They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

These are great - I'd love to see your method on the tea cozy. I like the design and that you can pour with it on.

Anonymous said...

I adore the laundry bag idea! Love it!