Monday, November 22, 2010

Around Town Quilt

There a lot going on around town in this quilt, namely construction but some other things too :). After washing, it ended up being approximately 35" x 47".

The ambulance block is my favorite. It was fun to be able to piece it in white, since the background fabric in this quilt is khaki.I used a largish meandering stitch on this quilt and outlined the vehicles, etc. Thanks to Jaime and the new table and tips she's turned me onto, my free motion is much improved. It's still something I'd like to get better at though.

For the back of the quilt I used a simple ivory fabric with a strip of pieced road. I thought it's be fun for driving cars along when the quilt is lying across the bed or floor.

The tutorials for the vehicles can be found here, and the quilt is listed in my shop.


Unknown said...

Love it. No surprise there! These quilts are just TOO cute!

What foot do you use for your free motion?

I haven't been brave enough to try any free motion just yet. I have a darning foot and a nice extension table, but for anything bigger than a baby doll quilt, I'd be afraid of trying...

Anonymous said...

You're selling it?? It's amazing!! I think it looks awesome, well done! I've done a cushion cover... free motion quilting... not sure I'm ready to try anything bigger yet!!

Bellgirl said...

I love your quilts! I'm about to start my first Bee, and my month is going to be an "Inspired By Teaginny" in this style but a different subject matter. Thanks for the inspiration!