Friday, November 5, 2010


Last night was the KCMQG November meeting, and we had a holiday gift swap. Boy, did I score on two counts! But first, here is what I made for the swap - a potholder and dishcloth. I used this chance to try out gray and yellow, a combo I've been interested in for a while. I like it! Also, love this yellow fabric I found at Joanns - sort of reminscent of lemons, without being literal.
And here is what I received from Sheryl. I was last to pick in my group, and I couldn't believe no one else snapped this up. The quilting on this wine bag is lovely. What a great way to give wine as a gift too.
And look what she included!
To top it off, I was passed a note during the meeting. I don't think I've gotten a note since about 8th grade, and it was just as exciting as I remember. Jenny managed to procure a Neptune Honeybun (impossible to find!), and she let me buy it from her. Score!


Vicki said...

your potholder and dishtowel are so cute!

so's the wine cozy... and lucky on the honey bun! I have one, it's partially sewn up and will be a couple of pillows eventually. :)

~Niki~ said...

wow, love that wine bag :) you scored!
love your quilted goodies made too.

Jenny @ Anything Pretty said...

I love the yellow and the pretty.

And so lucky on the wine cozy (I had my eye on that)!

Anonymous said...

Did you use a pattern for this towel and potholder? Or did you create a pattern? I'm looking for a linen towel pattern--suggestions?