Monday, February 22, 2016

Machine Pieced Pojagi

Pojagi is a traditional Korean form of patchwork used to make wrapping clothes and ceremonial items. It is pieced using a special technique than encloses all raw edges so that the finished item is lovely from both sides. This patchwork is not layered with batting and back and is not quilted. When placed against the light, which highlights the seams, this type of patchwork is especially beautiful.
Although traditionally pieced by hand using a variety of stitches and methods, I've tried my hand at machine pieced pojagi in the past. More recently, I've discovered that the use of a flat fell foot speeds up the process quite a bit, eliminating several steps.
If you'd like to learn this technique, while exploring improv piecing, join me for a Machine Pieced Pojagi class at the Overland Park Bernina store on March 4th. Contact the store for more details.
For lots of pojagi inspiration, you can peruse my Pojagi Pinterest board.


CraftALife said...

I've seen some great looking pojagi, but am not a hand sewer. Great to hear you can use a flat felled foot. I even have one! (That I've never used...) so this gives me the perfect excuse to add a project. Sorry I'm not local so can't take your class.

linda said...

I am unsure if this could really be called pojagi since the seam does not have the hallmark decorative stitching. From afar it looks similar but it definitely isnt and technically should not be referred to as pojabi. To me it just looks like a french seam.

Debbie said...

Very lovely. I'm off to explore your pin board.

Karen said...

Glorious, Alex! I didn't even know this was a thing, and now I'm in love with it. Wish Maine weren't so far away from Kansas :(