Monday, November 17, 2014

Scraps, Inc.

I have another new quilt to share.  I created Stripes Earned as my contribution to a fun new book, Scraps, Inc. published by Lucky Spool.  The book has 15 different block-based quilts by 15 designers, all created specifically to use your scraps.  If you've been around my blog for any length of time, you know how I feel about sewing with scraps.  This book has so many great ideas for using the last bits of your favorite fabrics.
My quilt, Stripes Earned, uses scrap strips, which seems to be the bin that fills up most quickly in my sewing room. It was quilted by Tia Curtis.  I designed the quilt using the strategy of a limited color palette.  I was inspired to use colors reminiscent of camouflage, since the three chevrons in the design reminded me of military insignia.  I think this quilt is fun because it is appropriate for even the manliest man, which can be hard to do with a scrap quilt.
You may choose any three colors for the quilt as a whole, or use a different color combination for each chevron for a very different look.  Here is a  mock up in a feminine color way.
I'm so excited to be a part of this terrific, useful book, as well as to be involved with Lucky Spool.  It is a new publishing company, and it aims to create high quality books and interact with its writers and designers in a really collaborative way.  I got to interact with the other designers in the book too, sharing ideas and inspiration via Pinterest.  I'm really interested to see their blog posts in the coming week or two and to read about the story behind each quilt.  One of my very favorite quilts in the book was designed and made by Kati of Quilting from the Blue Chair.  She'll be posting about her quilt next Monday, November 24, so be sure to look for that.
Lucky Spool is kindly offering 30% off the book if you order by December 1st.  Purchase Scraps, Inc. here and enter the code "SCRAPS30" at checkout.


Susan Snooks said...

If your beautiful quilt is anything to go by, this looks like it will be a great book! I love your quilt!

Kristy said...

Look at you and all the exciting things you are getting to do, that's awesome! Congratulations! The quilt you designed is great.