Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kids Can Quilt Improv, a Strata Pillow

Improvisational piecing is a very liberated style of sewing which seems to really appeal to kids; it allows them to sew without a lot of rules. What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn't love making things up as they go along, entirely to suit themselves? It's just the type of thing my creative boys enjoy.
My eight year old son made this improv strata pillow. He chose the pieces of fabric to sew together, chain pieced them, and constructed the top, while I trimmed and pressed as we went along. He even quilted it himself. I spray basted the top (to avoid pins and the necessity of not sewing over them!) and put on the walking foot, and he went to town quilting random straight lines in various directions.
I finished the pillow with some cool Star Wars fabric and a lapped zipper (using this tutorial) on the back. My son is thrilled with his accomplishment and loves the pillow. Creating strata is a technique covered in my book, Improvising Tradition, and I hope you'll be tempted to try it out.  As he would tell you, it's really fun!


Debbie said...

Well how cool is that?! Sounds like he's a natural!

SewPsyched! said...

Wow! he surely is a natural!! So funny thing; I did my dissertation on teacher/child interactions and using improvisation techniques in teaching. It was hard for many adults to put aside their own self-conversations and be improvisational and just Play. But the moment that they did, magical things happened and the depth of their interactions with kids, skyrocketed. So your son sure teachers us alot!! XX!