Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sanitation Concerns Assuaged

As I mentioned before, my younger son was concerned that the Busy City quilt was missing trash cans. Well, no more.  Now every house can have its own roll out recycling and garbage bins, if you share his concern.  I will make the pattern for the bins a free download when I release the free wall hanging pattern.

Have you seen Carla's cute Busy City blocks?  They are perfect!  She is also giving away a pattern today, so stop by her blog Lollyquiltz to enter.

Update: Busy City is now available as a digital download.  Purchase the PDF from Empty Bobbin here.

If you want to join in, there is an informal Busy City Quilt Along starting up over on Instagram, just tag your photos #busycityquilt or add it to the Flickr Group.  It won't begin for a couple of weeks, so you've got time to get the pattern and gather your fabrics.


Carla said...

I really enjoyed making the blocks, Alex. You are so talented!

Lisa C said...

This totally made me laugh. Only a boy would worry about trash cans! Thanks for the smile.