Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to Bees

It's been a few years since I've participated in a virtual quilting bee.  I'm excited to join a couple of new bees with friends from my local KCMQG.  My first blocks are for Shea in the Crossing Borders Bee (at least I think that's name we settled on), who requested 6" x 6 " or 6" x 12" spool blocks and sent us some scraps to work with.  I was very happy to get to work with my favorite color.
I just had to make an Aurifil spool too.
The next block is a wonky log cabin in Quilt Con colors.  This is for the Blessing Bee which is a project for the guild as a whole, put together by the Community Service Committee.  Each month, members may make any number of 12" x 12" blocks they wish in one of three styles: wonky log cabin in these colors, wonky stars in pink and lime, or square in a square in orange and aqua.  Other members have signed up to assemble tops, make backing, quilt and bind.  I think this is such a great arrangement for a a bee, allowing everyone to help as they are able.  The types of blocks may change every few months, and of course, members are welcome to donate completed quilts they have made themselves.
Finished baby quilts will be donated to a local organization that gives birthday cakes and other things  to children who would otherwise not have a birthday celebration.  We are hoping to provide enough quilts for all the children turning 1, with hopes to expand if we are able. I'm looking forward to more bee blocks!

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