Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Minute Handmade

I finished up some handmade Christmas gifts just in time to mail them away.  I always have requests for homemade cards.  I used fusible web to adhere tiny scraps to a piece of colored card stock to make these bunting birthday cards.  I sewed a line across the tops of the triangles and used adhesive squares to affix the card stock to the folded card. 
I used my trusty micron pen and borrowed my son's water colors to make some simple thank you cards.
I realized after making this card that I had created a water color version of Carla's quilt!  I love it so much, but it took a lo-ong time to make - too long for a set of note cards. I think I know a way to recreate it in a more automated fashion - a job for the new year.
But for now, I love giving handmade for Christmas with one last frame purse for my best friend.  The outer fabric is my favorite Liberty Bloomsbury print, and I lined it with an Anna Maria Horner voile.  Isn't that a gorgeous color!  I stuffed it with a few goodies for her too.


Susan Snooks said...

The framed purse is beautiful- Liberty used perfectly!

Leanne said...

Love it all !!!

Kristie said...

Perfection!! What lovely gifts :)

Carla said...

One word: Adorable! (Loved the card...of course...and am flattered!)

Altax said...

Lovely cards!!!

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Wendy said...

such lovely cards and a pretty little purse