Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wonky Kites

Did you ever make a quilt to go with a pillow?
I saw this little quilt by Alexis, and thought it would be the perfect quilt to go with my wonky zigzag pillow.  I think they'll be a great pair - coordinating but not matching exactly.  I used the same fabrics, and the block is a similar type of block.  You just cover the corner though, with one strip, and you add another strip to the opposite corner.  Otherwise, the construction is the same.  Then you orient the blocks to create the wonky kite.
I'm waiting on backing materials for my log cabin quilts (yes, two of them), and now some for this one too.  Then I think I'll be done with this color combination, at least for a while.


**nicke... said...

i love it. it is perfect.

Alexis Deise said...

Oh, I LOVELOVELOVE it, LOVE the colors you chose with the solid (Kona ash?). Gorgeous.

CitricSugar said...

Gorgeous! Grey has easily become my favourite background fabric - such a great use for it!