Friday, October 2, 2009

New Projects

I'm excited to say I am beginning my first commissioned quilt! Here are the fabrics I pulled to go with the dust ruffle in the baby's nursery. I think I'll use the lavender and brown print as the backing. My client is giving me a lot of freedom in terms of designs, so right now I'm thinking I might do a circle quilt like this but with a brown background. Do you think that is too much like the dust ruffle?If I wanted to contrast the ruffle pattern I thought of doing simple horizontal stripes with a monogram on the right bottom corner. I like that idea, and so does my client, however I'm not loving the fabrics right next to eachother. I think I like them better separated by brown. Ideas?

While fabric shopping I couldn't resist this Neptune honey bun. Cute! Maybe I'll do a railfence or log cabin with it.

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