Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pillowcases Project

Looking at my stash, I have learned something about myself as a quilter. I work primarily with tone on tone prints and solids. I have plenty of them (ahem), but I also tend to buy a lot of multicolored and novelty prints. I find these sorts of fabrics harder to use in quilts, so they tend to accumulate, sitting unused on my shelf. Is it the same for you?
Thankfully, the perfect use for these prints came to me. Pillowcases! Larger projects, like pillowcases, that use only one or two fabrics give me free rein to use even the boldest, most unique fabrics. I used the pattern in School of Sewing to make a few pillowcases for Operation Christmas Child. The pattern is easy to follow and perfect for yard cuts (two different yards will make two coordinating pillowcases). It makes a very durable pillowcase with french seams. It isn't designed for directional prints, but with an additional seam, you can work around that like I did for pillowcases for my boys last year.
I got these done just in time, but they are so quick to make, I think I need to make some more for Christmas gifts for local friends and family. Oh, maybe I'll try flannel!


Susie Q said...

I love making pillowcases to use up fabric AND to brighten someone's life. In fact right now there are 24 cases being finished up --- I use three fabrics.... a small accent strip.

My 25 year old nieces probably have 20 pillowcases as their birthday is just before xmas. They have never complained..... no their father is a different story... he just does not get FUN.....

Teresa Palmer said...

Love the idea of donating pillowcases. However, I'm unable to open the link for School of Sewing. Can you please help? Thank you. Blessings, Teresa

teaginny said...

Teresa, thanks for letting me know. You have a no reply ID, so I can't respond to you directly. I have fixed the link.

Havplenty said...

I make pillowcases every year for family holiday event and for charity. I am currently in a pillow case making frenzy phase for the holidays and for charity.

There was recently a call for pillowcases for families of the CA wildfires. So I am making some to send off to them. I cannot find the initial link for the pillowcase call but the email that was listed on FB is Meredith Johnson at if you want information.

There are so many pillowcase patterns listed on All People Quilt website here Have a pillowcase making enjoyable time.