Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quilt Market

Wow.  Quilt market was quite an experience.  I was able to help at the DS Quilts booth from set up through opening day.  I had no idea how much went into putting together a booth, from assembling walls and laying floor tiles, to organizing marketing materials and arranging quilts and samples.  Put 800 exhibitors in a convention hall all working hard and you've got set up day.
I snapped a few pictures with my phone along the way.  Here is Denyse creating her inspiration wall - all the ephemera that helped inspire her newest line, Chicopee.  I thought that was such a creative addition to the booth.  It offered such an interesting glimpse into her creative process. Jenny posted a close up shot of part of the board.  Chicopee is so pretty.  I love the color palette.  It reminds me a little of Hope Valley, and I can see the prints working well with several of her previous lines.
Here is the completed booth.  She had most of the quilts from her most recent book and all seven of her patterns on display, and did you know there is Denyse Schmidt stationary?  I didn't, but now I definitely need some.  Betsy says Bon Bon has some locally, if you're interested.
Denyse is so gracious and warm.  She hand pieced some improv blocks during spare moments to add to the design wall.
I had a few chances to walk around market, and everyone is right when they say it is overwhelming.  Here are just a few of the booths I enjoyed.  This is Anna Maria Horner's booth.  Again, this is just an iPhone snapshot.  To see closeup, high quality photos of all the new fabrics, be sure to check out True Up for market coverage.
And I stood about ten feet from Joel Dewberry in his booth most of the day. He, like everyone I met actually, is super nice.  This booth was for his new line of patterns.
I spotted this beauty which I'm guessing from the sign underneath was created by the New York City Modern Quilt Guild.  I think it's such a unique setting for improv blocks.
And speaking of improv, have you seen this new line of cheater prints by Kona?  Yes, it's printed fabric, not piecing.
I even managed to find my Advent calendar in the Brewer booth.  They distribute patterns, including those by Empty Bobbin.
I ran into many of my guild friends. Jacquie did a book signing, and I even met a few bloggers like Jen of In Color Order, Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts, and Adrianne from Little Blue Bell. It was an amazing experience to be a part of market for the first time.  I'm so grateful to Denyse for the opportunity.


**nicke... said...

wow! this is so amazing! how awesome that you were able to hang out with denyse all day long! i am so glad you had a great time! xo

CitricSugar said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing all this great stuff!

And stationery - that's actually the way I was introduced to the art of Lotta Jansdotter. I saw a few years ago that they'd added a Denyse Schmidt line.. Art transcends medium sometimes. :-)

Amanda Jean said...

I didn't know that you got to help out denyse with her booth! How cool is that?!? I loved the simplicity of her was just perfect. I'm excited about her new line Chicopee, too. I never had any hope valley, so I think I'll need to (ha!) treat myself to some of it.

It was so great to meet you!!! I haven't forgotten about our scrap swap. I'm still trying to catch up!