Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Fabrics

A few new fabrics have found their way into my stash.  The new DS Quilts line at Joann's, Sugar Creek, coordinates perfectly with the previous line Fairgrounds.  I couldn't pass up these small scale prints in my favorite color combination.
Children at Play has been on my wishlist ever since I saw the paper hat print.  How cute is it?  I also think the hopscotch one is sweet.  There are so many cute prints in this line that I did not buy (ahem, in case my husband is reading).
And I've had my eye on these Tip Top Elephants from Diawabo for a long time too.  Fabricworm now sells them as a fat quarter set which is hard to resist!  So much great fabric out now!


**nicke... said...

did you find those ds prints at joanns? are they there already???!!! i am sooo going to get them!

Vicki said...

I didn't know the ds prints were available already... might need to go up there tomorrow and get some. :)The elephants are so cute!

Alexis Deise said...

I heart those elephants. BTW, saw your sweet little Kidlet on SMS today! Congrats!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Oh, I do so want the elephants.