Monday, June 6, 2011

Modified Shoo Fly Block

I've made this block 15 inches, finished size, to show off larger scale prints. Each enlarged block makes a bold, modern statement. The idea of a large shoo fly as a modern spin on tradition is not mine though - Malka Dubrawsky created a 35 inch block! The tutorial for that giant is here. It requires a whole yard of fabric!
I designed my block to use fat quarters. I think it will be the perfect way to use my Good Folks fat quarter bundle, allowing each print to shine on its own, while still showcasing the whole collection. And my twist - I modified the traditional pattern to use four fewer pieces and save myself four seams on each block! Instead of using squares and half square triangles (HST), my version uses two large rectangles along with squares. I make the triangles with the stitch and flip method. And there's a bonus of four HST at the end!


Alexis Deise said...

oh, I LOVE this method! Thanks for this! I just did some of these the "hard way," and not only is there a lot more work involved, there is a lot of bulk from all the seams. This is so much better!

Karen said...

I have a fat quarter pack that was waiting for this pattern. Thank you. I knew a pattern would turn up for my fabrics.