Friday, February 4, 2011

Infinity Scarf

I was finally able to use some of my lovely fabric from India, which feels similar to voile, and a piece of gorgeous shot cotton to make this infinity scarf. It is one large circle, and you can wear it looped twice or in other various other configurations.

I learned the hard way why I think it is called the infinity scarf. If you are overly confident and think you can figure out the construction of such a simple shape on your own, you'll likely end up, as I did, with a long tube you try to turn right side out, only to have it turn in on itself continually. Or infinitely in fact. Just read the tutorial on Anna Maria Horner's blog first and save yourself the frustration. She calls it the figure eight scarf, and she has some kits for it using her yummy new velveteen.


luna said...

I love infinity scarves! I have one I've been hanging on to all winter, because it's a very light weight fabric. I can't wait to break it out at the first sign of spring!

Carolyn said...

I made one on my own too and ended up with the same problem :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for your commentary! I will check out Anna's blog. I'm about to make one of these & I appreciate the heads up.

This is just gorgeous. Looks like just the right length & such great fabrics together. Great job!!