Monday, January 24, 2011


It's been a marathon of quilting the past week, but it's done. This is a sneak peek at the back of the quilt. Now on to the marathon binding sessions.On another topic, thanks to Carla for the Liebster Award. Since it's so fun to find new, inspiring blogs, I'm going to nominate three more great crafty blogs with 300 or fewer followers. I've mentioned Krista's blog Spotted Stone a few times. She has impeccable taste and real design talent. I also love reading Blue Elephant Stitches to see what new, lovely quilty creation she has come up with. Finally, it only seems right to nominate Angela over at Quilting is my Therapy since today is her blog's one year anniversary. I'm not trying to influence my chances in winning her current giveaways at all. :) Seriously though, she is an amazingly talented artist. I am so lucky to have had two of my quilts quilted by her (I mean, she quilts all Tula Pink's quilts, for heaven's sake!).


Elizabeth said...

I'm impressed? I can never finish that quickly. Can't wait to see the front!

Elizabeth said...

That was supposed to be- "I'm impressed!"