Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Downy Quilts for Kids

Downy Quilts for Kids is sponsored by, obviously, Downy and gives donated quilts to children in hospitals or otherwise in need of some tlc. Having been in the hospital with both of my kids in the past year, I know just how much something "homey" means when you're in that environment. I hope this quilt finds its way some little person who loves race cars.
Having said that I'll admit the fabrics (which are all discontinued or donated to the organization) gave me pause. I had to grit my teeth a little to sew that blaze orange to the neon green. It certainly made me realize how much of my love for quilting is really a love of beautiful fabrics.
Still I'm so happy to be sending this quilt to a child who, hopefully, will enjoy it and think the colors are super cool.
Click here for a form to fill out to receive a quilt kit, if you're interested. It has all the fabrics for the front and back of the quilt, all cut out and ready to go, as well as a pattern. They are super easy and quick to put together. You supply the batting, thread and binding.


Katie B said...

I haven't heard of this organization, but I'm going to sign up for a quilt kit! It's a great idea. The orange/race car fabric isn't my thing either, but I bet it will make a little boy very happy.

erica christensen said...

I love the Quilt For Kids project! I've done a couple and I'll admit, it was REALLY hard to stitch the brightest yellow to the boldest orange and pair it with psychedelic duckies, but I'm sure it will make some child feel very warm and comforted.

Trisha said...

I am finishing up my first Quilt For Kids quilt and I got the same pattern as you! Mine is guitars on black with the four patch in bright red and yellow. It is bright and fun and I am sure will make some child very happy. I have make a few other quilts to send with the kit I made up for them. It is such a fun thing to get a quilt kit in the mail all cut out and ready to go. I am glad you are spreading the news about Quilts for Kids. :)

Anonymous said...

What a neat organization and so nice of you to contribute. I know I am the same with quilting... it has a lot (mostly) to do with using pretty fabric.