Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Return to Knitting

I went through a knitting phase a few years ago, but I haven't picked up my needles since. A special lady asked for a scarf for Christmas though, so I dug out my supplies and got some new yarn. Boy was I rusty. I had to unearth my instruction book. After a few false starts, I'm back in the groove, and I'm really enjoying it.

Yes, that's snow out the window, and I find there is something really cozy about knitting in this cold weather. With quilting, which I normally love, there is so much up and down: sit to sew, up to cut and press, in the closet to find something, etc. With knitting, you just get to sit. And in this weather, all I want is an excuse to just sit.

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Amy Friend said...

It happened to me too. Now I have a few knitting projects in the works. The other nice thing is that I can pick up for Christmas but still be working on something. Knitting doesn't take up space or make a mess. My sewing projects do!