Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Personalized Shirts - Two Ways

I discovered, when my son turned three, that kids love shirts with their age on them.  It's a way to tell everyone how old they are now.  I think it's only cool with the 10 and under set, but with them - great birthday gift.  I've made them each year for my own boys, their friends and family. Here is one I made today for a little cousin who has his first birthday coming up on Halloween. I used the traditional fusible web, machine applique method. 
I've been wanting to give reverse applique with knits a go, so I tried it out on a stegosaurus shirt for my five year old.  And I've found my new favorite way to personalize tees. It's so easy, since raw edges are no problem with knit fabrics.  
There are a lot of tutorials on the web describing this method, but here's a brief run down of what I think it the quickest way to go.  Trace your image onto freezer paper.  Iron the paper to the front of the shirt.  Use spray baste to temporarily adhere a contrasting knit fabric to the inside of the shirt (the wrong side).  Stitch around the image outline on the freezer paper.  Tear away the freezer paper, and trim 1/8 inch from the stitching to reveal the contrasting knit fabric.  You can also trim away the excess contrasting knit on the inside of the shirt.  So easy!  I will definitely be doing this again.


felicity said...

I want to make something for myself with that reverse appliqué technique! Thanks for sharing!

Marg said...

that's a great idea, I especially love the dinosaur.

Kristin said...

I feel I need a shirt with my age on it. Under 10, schmunder 10.

**nicke... said...

such cute shirts. love that dinosaur.