Friday, February 24, 2017

Scrappy Triangles Quilt

My first finished quilt of 2017 is this Scrappy Triangles Quilt. I took my time on this one and probably enjoyed the fabric layout the most of all the steps in the process. I limited myself to triangles I had cut from my scrap bins. Creating color gradations and a pleasing overall look was quite a challenge under that limitation. 
At the same time I always love using scraps. Revisiting favorite fabrics and seeing them play with new and unexpected friends in a layout like this is energizing and enjoyable. I definitely recommend making scrap quilts. Very therapeutic.
I quilted this with a variation on a paisley but with a rounded shape rather than teardrop. I like the bubble effect it gives and the softeness of the circles against the sharp edges of the triangles.
The backing was a gift from a friend, and I like how the circles echo the quilting design. The binding is a mix from my scrap binding bin, including a piece I trimmed from the backing after basting. Use it all.
The quilt finished at 47 x 58, a generous baby size, and I think it will be a gift for a baby coming soon to a treasured teacher and grandmother.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Scrappy Triangles

Whew, it's been a while! A few kind friends have asked where I've been, and I thought I'd do a quick update post and share what little sewing I manage to do these days. The short version is that I've been writing - not another quilting book, but writing for educational publishers. My background is in teaching, writing, and literature, so it's really a great fit. It doesn't leave me with much time or energy for quilting though. As much fun as blogging is, it does require quite a bit of time. Instagram is a much easier way for me to share quick snapshots.  I didn't take the time to get "real" photos of this project along the way, so I'll share my IG shots. In need of scrap therapy, I managed to cut a few triangles in the evenings and ended up with an inspiring stack.

The next step seemed to me to be some mindless chain sewing around the holidays. So relaxing.

I played around with the triangles on the design wall and discovered that creating color gradations with a stack of scrappy print fabrics is a real challenge. Value is complicated by white in so many prints, not to mentioned how multicolored prints read from a few steps back. Then there is the fact that in places I wanted a certain color to transition between color blocked areas of the design, but that color wasn't present in my scrap bins. It took some careful arranging, thought, and compromise. I challenge you to try it; you'll see.

I am happy with my final arrangement, which I will share soon. I'm hoping to get a little time to baste the top this weekend. I am usually inclined towards limited color palettes, but there is something about a rainbow in winter. I decided not to fight it.