Monday, January 12, 2015

No More Fussy Baby Quilt

This sweet baby quilt is from the slice and insert section of Improvising Tradition.  I pulled out some of my favorite, treasured novelty prints for this project and paired them with a cheerful aqua solid.
Novelty prints are so much fun, but they can be hard to use.  Slice and insert is wonderful technique for novelty prints and fussy cuts.  With improv there is no more cutting the tail off that puppy or having to choose between the cute little moon or star to fit a prescribed pattern size; you can tailor your fussy cut to the image you want to feature!  Just match the surrounding strip to the dimensions of your fussy cut, and you're all set to add it to your row.
I had the pleasure, last month, of seeing one of the first projects a local quilter has made from the book.  Cheryl Brady made this cute version of the quilt using a Good Night Moon print.  She even quilted stars in the center. 
Thanks for letting me share your pictures, Cheryl!  I would love to see your Improvising Tradition projects.  Email me, upload them to my flickr group, or tag them #improvisingtradition on Instagram.


Annabella said...

My intended comment before I saw the last photo was, "I can just see a little baby lying in the centre." Both quilts are very sweet :-)

Sarah Fredette said...

I may have a "slight" obsession with novelty prints, so this idea is perfect for me! Though I may need to make it me sized...:D

FlourishingPalms said...

The link to the book title is broken... as I was thinking I need to get a copy of this book. Your designs are so great, and I can't wait for you to come in person to teach me! I hope you ARE able to connect with us in the Central Florida MQG sometime, when you're here for a visit.