Saturday, April 26, 2014

Quilted Strata Pillow

This project was inspired by my overflowing blue scrap bin.  I divided the scraps into three groups, by value.  I love monochromatic strata (aka crazy piecing or slabs), and a color progression of strata is even better!
I quilted the 22 inch  improv panel with an elongated serpentine stitch on my sewing machine.

I created an envelope closure, but this time I quilted the back of the pillow as well.  I bound the edges with single fold binding, machine stitched.  This construction makes for a really sturdy pillow.  I was able to overstuff the pillow as a result. Who knew 22 inches isn't a common size for pillows? Lucky for me, a squishy 24 inch pillow form works perfectly.  I think a simple lined back would gape open under the pressure, but this fully quilted pillow holds the form beautifully.
You can find this quilted pillow cover in my etsy shop. sold.


Michele T said...

This looks awesome!!! Hard to believe that these are all scraps... Looks gorgeous!!

Sarah @ mila+cuatro said...

I love the cohesive scrappy-ness of this. I haven't heard the term monochromatic strata before. Your friend's new store sounds exactly like the sort of place I could while away a couple of hours. Too bad I'm many miles and many oceans away from kansas.

Judy said...

I love the color progression! Nice choice on the quilting.

SeaBreeze Quilts said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas! Congratulations on being "shown" at the new shop. Enjoy!

Willit Neverend said...

Looks great.