Thursday, August 2, 2012

Talented Friends

I am so blessed to have many super talented friends, many of whom I met through the KCMQG.  What can I say?  We're stumbling over talented quilters here in the Midwest.  I've mentioned Angela, Lauren, Jacquie, Shea, Vicki, and more, but let me also say that my guild is brimming with a crazy number of amazing quilters whose work isn't shared on the internet.  So, join a guild if you can, people!

Today I am so excited to share big news from two of my talented friends.  Lauren of Aunt June fame has signed with Andover Fabrics to print her fabric lines!  I may have had a sneak peek or two, and let me tell you this stuff is incredible.  I can't wait to see it in stores.  This fabric will be the product of not only talent but sweat, tears, moneys and of course her unique sense of humor.
And I have been lucky enough to hear Angela teach on free motion quilting, but now anyone can take a class from her online at Craftsy!  Do you see the quilt she's working on in this picture?  That's right; it's the one I pieced for her a while back.  Check out her blog for a behind the scenes look at the video shoot.  Very cool.
I'm so proud to know these ladies, and I can tell you personally that they deserve every piece of success that is coming their way.


Vicki said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me and linking. :) I'm in awe of all the talent and great stuff coming from the KCMQG... I miss you guys! I'm so excited for Lauren and Angela with these new projects.

Carla said...

Lauren just told me this week about the fabric line coming excited for her!!

Mary Anne said...

Thanks for sharing this great news, Alex. Way to go Lauren!!!

Mary Anne said...

Thanks for sharing this great news, Alex. Way to go Lauren!!!

krista said...

well. isn't that just super cool. good for them :D Every time you mention the kcmqg i kick myself for not having made a meeting yet. "one of these days" needs to happen like, nowish!